Unknown: "Take just a little..."

"Take just a little word of one syllable rather than two... Such a one is the word God or the word love.  Choose which you prefer... and fasten this word to your heart so that whatever happens it will never go away.  This word is to be your shield and your spear, whether you are riding in peace or in war.  With this word you are to beat upon the cloud and the darkness above and beneath you.  With this word you are to strike down every kind of thought, driving it down into a pool of forgetting.  If any thought should press upon you, asking what you would have, answer with no word but this one.  If your thoughts should offer, out of their great learning to analyze your word for you and tell you its meanings, say to your thoughts that you want to keep it whole... It is not a matter of analyzing or elucidating... "

—Unknown, The Cloud of Unknowing

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