Natalie Taylor: "How can they be..."

"How can they be so profound and so ridiculous at the same time? The beauty of being a teenager."

–Natalie Taylor, Signs of Life

Natalie Taylor: "I remember a time..."

"I remember a time period when I judged moms. I was annoyed at moms who complained... I am sorry I said those things and thought those things. I didn't know. I wasn't a part of the club yet... At the time I cursed all of you, I wasn't a mom. Now that I am one, I know all the secrets. I am now one of you and this job is not easy. I didn't mean it."

–Natalie Taylor, Signs of Life

Natalie Taylor: "The one comfort that..."

"The one comfort that all of us can take is that we are not the only people on the planet who have something to swim against. We are not alone in our battle to disprove a statistic."

–Natalie Taylor, Signs of Life

Eric Schmidt: "Many people think they're..."

"Many people think they're doing something new, but they're not really changing the approach. But with Saul, he said, 'what we're going to do is not only are we going to make these interesting 10-minute videos, but we're going to measure whether it works or not. So here's a guy who's willing to say, if 'I'm wrong, I'm wrong and I'm going to keep changing until I get it right.' ...Innovation never comes from the established institution. It's always a graduate student, or a crazy person or somebody with a great vision."

—Eric Schmidt, Chairman of Google

Edgar Degas: "Art is not what..."

"Art is not what you see, but what you make others see."

—Edgar Degas