James Heaton: "Lack of a clearly..."

Lack of a clearly articulated brand proves to be inefficient in at least four ways:
  1. It takes more effort and time both for the organization and the agency to create these unique products. 
  2. The work requires institutional memory and tight oversight if it is not to become totally arbitrary and dependent on the whim of the designer or the organizational staff person responsible for the product.
  3. The absence of any concrete guideposts makes it difficult to discuss the relative merits of one design over another, and this results in a much greater opportunity for personal taste to interfere with and slow down the process. 
  4. The end product does not naturally support and enhance the brand. Each product has a brand logo, but each is in fact more about itself than the organizational brand, so each is, in essence, its own competing brand product that seeks attention on its own terms rather than contributing its message to the larger brand message
—James Heaton, Brand Impact on CSI Reports

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